Edge-enabled drone

Edge-enabled Flying Inspector

State-of-the-art technologies integrated to boost the power of UAV's for the inspection and monitoring of Critical Infrastructures


The Next Generation of Monitoring and Surveillance

Distributed AI processing of UAV data | Edge Computing to optimise data processing velocity | Significant reduction of costs and time for Critical Infrastructure networks inspection


UAV-based inspection of Critical Infrastructures, through edge and cloud computing

Optimised data management and analysis assessing networks constraints in real-time | High-quality and detailed images of overhead infrastructure

Overcoming barriers for processing of UAV data, through edge and cloud computing

Provides a framework for UAV-based inspection of Critical Infrastructures such as gas pipelines, roads, rail, and electric lines


  • inspection

    Infrastructure inspection

    Development of a novel and trustworthy service for infrastructure inspection combining Edge, Cloud, Computer Vision, among other state-of-the-art technologies.

  • drone

    Pipeline inspection

    Pilot validation to demonstrate time and cost gained by automated pipeline inspection with UAV image capturing and filtering optimization.

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E-FLY Factsheet Available

EIT Digital has developed a Factsheet based on the objectives, competitive advantages, and expected results of the E-FLY action!