Atos Research and Innovation in Spain is the business owner and technology provider of E-FLY, with expertise in multiple domains such as Distributed UAV, Edge and Cloud execution environments; Computer Vision enabled detection and tracking of anomalies in infrastructures; and Safety warning systems for UAVs operators for avoiding collisions.

Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy

Based in Trento, Italy, FBK is a technology provider with expertise in Distributed UAV, Edge and Cloud executing environments, and Fog Computing.

Ferrovial, Spain

In charge of the inspection of Enagás, Spain’s leading natural gas transmission company and Technical Manager of the Spanish gas system, underground gas pipelines network comprising around 11,000km.

In addition to its role as customer, Ferrovial has provided the requirements and UAVs for the pipelines pilot driver

AeroTools-UAV, Spain

AeroTools-UAV is participating in this action as the Third-Party provider for drone inspection of Ferrovial