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Currently, only 5% of the data collected by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the inspection and monitoring of critical infrastructures are processed due to limitations of bandwidth and connectivity.

E-FLY overcomes these limits by taking advantage and integrating the benefits of distributed data processing with innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Edge and Cloud Computing, thus providing a framework for the inspection of infrastructures such as pipelines, roads, railways, and power lines through drones.

Join the event that will address how this type of technology can improve the inspection processes of infrastructures by overcoming the main challenges of connectivity and data processing, to obtain multiple benefits such as saving time and costs, access to remote areas, obtaining different sets data in a single flight, real-time data processing, automatic detection of incidents, simplification of maintenance tasks, among many others.

Don't miss the chance to know more about this topic with the presentations of several experts involved in the project such as Ana Juan Ferrer, Head of the Next Generation Lab at Atos Research and Innovation; Jose Ramón Martinez-Salio, Senior Research Technologist at Atos Research and Innovation; and Cristina Aragón, Innovation Project Manager at Ferrovial; and the presentations of external experts on Critical Infrastructure Inspection and use of drones with industrial purposes, such as Miguel Rosa, CEO at Aerotools, and Alvaro García Martínez, Researcher of the Intelligent Information Systems Unit (SII) at IK4-TEKNIKER.

Check the agenda of the event below.

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